Saturday morning review of Friday night’s Beer – KWAK

This is a new feature of my blog.  What I am calling the ‘Saturday morning review of Friday night’s Beer’. I am a great fan of beer so I though I’ll share some experience. It could easliy turn into a ‘Sunday morning review of Saturday night’s Beer. as well…

Last night I was drinking a Belgium beer called ‘KWAK’ which I got from Colney Hatch Tesco.  I think it was around £1.79 a bottle. You can find it next to the Leffe etc.

On the back of the bottle it says: ‘An uncomparable belgium top fermentation beer with a unique taste.’

(for me that is perfect colour for winter night beer)

The closest I could compare it to is a Leffe Triple (which I have only tried once when I was in Brussels).  It’s dark and syrupy with a strong, slightly fruity taste that fills your mouth and nose.  It definately has that ‘ancient’ taste which is hard to decribe  – Very nice.

It’s Alc. % Vol is 8.4 which means that after about half a glass I was feeling pretty good and after 3 bottles I felt it a little in the morning. Kind’ve like Duval in that respect.

Overall if you like your thick Belgium beers this is hightly recommnded by me!

I found another blog with moe about Kwak if you want to find out more:

Looks like you can buy some from Amazon as well.

buy it


4 responses to “Saturday morning review of Friday night’s Beer – KWAK

  1. When will you give your mojito recipe away for fan like me who doesn’t know how to make one?

  2. God-Like Phoenix

    Hmm . . . im not really a massive fan of beer, im more of a spirits fan, but that one does actually sound quite nice (^.^) I think it was the part about the slightly fruity taste xD

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