In the last few Warriors: Legends of Troy (WLOT) blogs I have written about my experiences with the demo that I played at the MCM Memorabilia show in November (NEC, Birmingham). Playing the available Achilles demo many times I found a few interesting innovations in WLOT that gives it a different feel to other ‘Warriors’ games.

In this blog I want to cover the ‘Parrying’ system that I think works very well. Past Warriors game I have played such as DW5 have had a blocking and counter system but it was never really that important to the gameplay as on the normal difficulty modes the enemies don’t possess much threat. Also the action in DW5 etc. is so chaotic it is hard to the predict enemies attack frequency, speed and direction.

In WLOT the sub-boss and officer characters are quite smart, defensively-minded and dangerous (yes they are Warriors character that actually want to stay alive). These type of battles are usually fought in a ‘duel’ format similar to what we saw in DW4 – just the player character vs the enemy – this means the fights can be more tactical.

Powerful enemy officers will block the player’s combos with their shields and counter-attack swiftly and powerfully. The trick to defeating them is not to try and button-mash them to death or use powerful combos with lengthy recovery times as you will be picked-apart by counter attacks.

One way to succeed in these fights if you are confident of your skill and timing is to play defensively and use the WLOT’s Parry system. In the demo I played if you timed your press of block (R1) and raised your shield just as the enemy was about to strike your character a Parry would be achivated. The Parry knocks you opponent’s shield aside and breaks their guard. This give you the chance to counter with a combo to their soft underbelly and do tons of damage.

In the demo I played there seemed to be two types of Parry. A normal Parry and a ‘Super Parry’ (which gives a slow motion-effect and allows you more time to attack the stricken enemy). I am not sure how either Super Parry is activated but I guess it’s down to perfect timing of the block button press.

I really liked this Parry system as it added a good dose of realism and skill to the officer encounters in the WLOT demo. Picking your moment to Parry and strike successfully feels more inkeeping with the gritty setting of the game in WLOT. It was nice to feel that player skill and timing was really having an impact rather than just relentless button-mashing until the enemy was dead.

Anyway, I filmed a short video of me fighting one of the sub-boss officers outside the Temple of Apollo. You can see at the beginning of the video some failed parry attempts that result in me getting knocked over. Later you can see some examples of correctly timed Parrys and Super Parrys and my bloody counter combos decimating the poor enemy!


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