Saturday morning review of Friday night’s Beer – DUVEL

Welcome to my second beer psot. I have to say the Kwak from last week has become a favourite so I had a bottle or two last night with my best friend.

Before those it was one of my all time favourite ales: Duvel.

One of the reasons I love Duvel is that when I first tried it the conditions were perfect: My girlfriend and I were in Lyon on the night of the 2010 Champions League final (Inter v Bayern). We found a nice bar right next to our favourite hotel (College Hotel ) in Lyon’s old city and watched the game with the local people while eating a couple of cheese boards. I can’t think of a much better evening than that – so when I see a Duvel now it takes my mind back to that great and relaxing evening.

That was my first encounter with the Golden Ale Duvel. My favourite thing about this beer are the visuals: when it’s cold it has an icy golden hue and an uneven spread by bubbles on the surface. A perfectly poured Duvel in the right glass is a thing of rare beauty.

Last night I didn’t have a good glass for it so I had to use a wine glass – but hopefully you can see how good it still looks straight from the fridge (it’s really meant to have more head than this as well).

Someone should buy me a proper Duvel glass for Xmas ^^

The back of the bottle reads:

‘For generations Duvel has been considered a masterpiece of Belgian brewing art. Duvel is exported for you, without alterations, and is the same Duvel that is enjoyed on the Grand Place which is the centre of Brussels. This Duvel has already matured for two months in the cellars of our family owned brewery.’

That really says it all. The recommended drinking temperature is 6degrees but I prefer it colder than that – straight from a good 20mins or so in the freezer to get that crispness.

In terms of taste Duvel has got quite a hard barley edge to it, you can definitely tell what its made of. You get taste from the moment you drink it right down your throat and even as it sits in your belly and the alcohol pleasantly seeps into your blood stream. As the alcohol content is quite high at 8.5% it’s nice to take it slowly and enjoy it.

I really like the hard almost metallic edge to the smell as well.

That’s it for Duvel, only to say it’s now widely available in the UK at supermarkets and is usually under £1.50 per bottle so you don’t have an excuse not to try it out.

If you want to find out more you can take a look here: for the official site. Unfortunately it’s built in flash so sorry all you ipad users you can’t see it. Just trust me and give Duvel a try.


5 responses to “Saturday morning review of Friday night’s Beer – DUVEL

  1. Thank you Leady to share with us your memory about this beer. I must confess I really love Lyon and that hotel as well. Let me know when you will make an article about my favourite beer Desperados and Crabbies

  2. One a day, keeps the doctor away…

  3. Exactly my feelings on things ^^

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