Leady247 Gamer Interviews! – Tumbledrop with Gischie

I have decided to start up a new sub-section of my blog where I will interview people about their favourite games. First up is my girlfriend who goes by the nick of Gischie.

She is a great fan of the iPhone/iPad puzzle game Tumbledrop by the wonderful Hayden Scott-Baron of StarfruitGames

The aim of the game is to get the pink star to safety. Is there a hidden message there somewhere? ^^

Tumbledrop is a physics enabled puzzle game with some deliciously cute graphics and just-one-more-go gameplay. No need to describe it more as you can try the browser version right here here or watch the trailer below:

Anyway on with the interview:

Leady247: So how long have you been playing Tumbledrop?

Gischie: I don’t know. A couple of months?

Leady247: How often do you play this game per week?

Gischie: Everytime I am at my boyfriends. 3 or 4 times maybe?

Leady247: Why do you play Tumbledrop?

Gischie: Because it un-stresses me and I have nothing else to do sometimes.

Leady247: Do you mean you play it when you are bored?

Gischie: yes, I play it when I am bored but then I am stubborn as well so when I start playing I want to finish it!

Tumbledrop almost 'out Peggles' Peggle in the positive feedback department.

Leady247: How long do you do you play for per session?

Gischie: I don’t know I lose track of time when I’m playing.

Leady247: What makes you stop playing?

Gischie: When I have something else to do.

Leady247: Have you played and enjoyed other puzzle games in the past?

Gischie: Yes, Tetris, Lumines and others.

As well as Tumbledrop Gischie is a fan of Lumines on PSP

Leady247: And did you play those games for the same reason?

Gischie: Yes.

Leady247: Tetris and Lumines were on portable formats – did you ever play those while you were travelling?

Gischie: Well, Lumines was on PSP so I played it when I went to work on the train.

Leady247: What is it about Tumbledrop that you like so much?

Gischie: It makes me think about something else and it occupies my brain.

Leady247: What is it you don’t want to think about?

Gischie: Work and things like this.

Leady247: What do you think is good about the gameplay of Tumbledrop?

Gischie: I like the friendly design of the characters. I do my best not to let them drown.

Leady247: Anything else?

Gischie: Every stage is different and it’s difficult so it stimulates my mind. Also you have different challenges on each stage such as getting the star and the heart medal for each one – it makes you think of different combinations.

Leady247: Would you like to see more content released for this game?

Gischie: Oh yes sure. Maybe a new character other than the star – maybe a ball?

Leady247: Do you have anything you would like to say to the developer of the game if you could?

Gischie: I am trying my best to have all the star and the heart medal, I wonder what will be unlocked. Don’t break my heart and tell me there is nothing.

Leady247: Thanks for the interview.

This was the best picture I could get of Gischie and her Tumbledrop achievements

If you have a favourite game and would like to tell me why you play it. Then let me know ^^



5 responses to “Leady247 Gamer Interviews! – Tumbledrop with Gischie

  1. I was such a guinea pig! -_- (that’s what happen when your boyfriend got a blog)

  2. haha, it’s a great interview ^^ . we can go deeper into some of the other subjects next time.

  3. I used to play it while Mikey was here it’s awesome!

  4. Really Chin, did you finish the game?
    @leady247 : thx i would be fine

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