Sunday evening review of Saturday night’s Beer – CHIMAY

It’s been quite a hectic weekend on the drinking front so I am updating my beer blog quite late.

I had some friends over this weekend who had read previous entries in the blog and wanted to try a Kwak . So I headed down to Tesco on Saturday night to pick up two Kwak’s and get something else to blog. As it was quite late there wasn’t much selection there so I went with a couple of bottles of Chimay (£1.59 each I think).

(On another note Kwak was given the thumbs-up by all my friends that tried it. So far 3 in total – it’s a movement.  I should mention though that they have put the price up in Tesco to £2 per bottle!).

I must admit I have never liked the look of Chimay on the shelves. This is down to the red bottle and the back of the label which calls it ‘fruity’.  This put in my mind that it might be one of those horrible flavoured beers that you get in Belgo bar/restaurants.

Here is a look at the beer in a wine-glass (again -_-) and the overly red-bottle:

Good shot of my sink & Xmas mug as well ^^

For me this ale doesn’t really work visually. The bottle is the same dumpy style as the Duvel but is a bit lacking in class and the colour of the liquid is a bit too muddy.

On tasting the Chimay I was surprised that it wasn’t fruity in any shape or form. It’s more of smokey, bitter taste which is not bad for a dark beer but it doesn’t have any of the bite or richness of a Kwak or creaminess of a Leffe. Some of the other people in the room  said the main taste they got from Chimay was ‘Wheaty’ (my sister’s comment) and that it was ‘alright’. It doesn’t really do much for the nose either.

On the back of the bottle we have the following text:

‘The Trappist logo certifies that this ale is brewed in a Trappist Abbey and that the majority of sales income is intended for social aid. Chimay Red will win you over with its fruity taste accompanied by it’s slight bitterness.’

Well, we have already covered that fact that I don’t think fruity taste is a USP for this beer but the good thing is drinking it will help with the Corporate Social Responsibility credentials of this blog!

I am really fascinated by the idea of these Trappist Monks that brew beer.  I have visions of god-rays of sunlight streaking through stained-glass windows, passing through dusty corridors and eventually blessing the ale barrells as they age!

It’s truly divine intention that drinking beer from these seven monasteries is a way to make our lives more holy and transcend to higher levels of spiritual wisdom. I think at some stage a Trappist Abbey tour with my girlfriend will need to be under-taken to get myself a little closer to God ^^.


3 responses to “Sunday evening review of Saturday night’s Beer – CHIMAY

  1. That beer was disgusting ><, please don't buy it!!! it's not fruity at all

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