Musou to Me part 1 – The Gischie Interview

I decided to work on a companion series to my ‘What makes a Musou?’ series called ‘Musou to Me’.  In this new series I will interview a variety of Musou game fans and find out their thoughts on the prolific series.

I will try and conduct the interviews face-to-face as I always think that off-the-cuff answers are much more interesting and enlightening.

I hope that the Musou fan’s answers will feed into the topics covered in the ‘What makes a Musou’ blog series.

My first interviewee will be my wonderful girlfriend and consistently brave guinea-pig Gischie.  You can read her thoughts on iphone game Tumbledrop here.

When did you play your first Musou game?

I played DW3 about 5 years ago in Paris.

Can you remember any of your first impressions of the game?

It was addictive.  I wanted to beat all of the stages but it was hard.  I wanted to finish all of the character’s story-lines to find out more about them.

Gischie's first Musou memories are of DW3. These War Elephants seem to be coming back to DW7 at least.

Did you do research outside of the game then?

Yes, I researched about each of the characters by searching the internet and looking at sites like and KoeiWarriors.

When would you say you became a Musou fan?

When I spent alot of time on DW3 and also getting active on the Koei Warriors forum (ed: Gischie was a key member of the Koei Warriors community during its period of rapid growth. You can read some of the history of that community here).

How have your impressions of Musou changed from when you first played DW3?

The old games were a lot more difficult – for example there were less power-up or healing items that you could collect.

Recently Musou has lost a lot of things compared to DW3….. Lost things that made it addictive.  For example characters are not so likeable now – sometimes they don’t have individual weapons.

The graphics are better now though.

Next-gen Musou game likes DW6 have improved graphics but Gischi feels that the characters have lost some of their individuality over time.

What would you say are the key things to making a good Musou game?

Firstly, it should be fun. There should be a good vareity of costumes – all sorts of things – even being able to get funny outfits like a police-women for Zhen Ji could be cool.

The story-lines are important – such as Chinese history.  If it wasn’t about the Three Kingdoms people wouldn’t like Dynasty Warriors so much.  Because DW has that background it gives you alot of characters to explore.

When do you usually play Musou games?

In the weekend and sometimes in the night.

Do you just play when a new game comes out? Or do you play the old ones as well?

Just the new ones apart from Samurai Warriors 2 –  I could play that one forever.

What is it that makes Samurai Warriors 2 so good?

Characters, gameplay, the Sugoroku mode.  The Xtreme Legends disk also give you more stages and weapons to get…

What is it about SW2 that is better than other Musou games to you?

The universe – there is more kingdoms in Samurai Warriors compared to DW.  In SW2 every character has their own story related to them not just connected to their kingdom .  Gameplay is better – characters all have a different types of moves: normal, charge or special type.

Fighting with a combination of her Magic Bracelets and Martial Arts strikes, Gracia has one of the most interesting move-sets in all Musou.

Do you play each Musou game for along time?


What keeps you addicted to the game and makes you keep playing ?

To see what has changed and what’s innovative about each game.  But these days with work I can’t play as much as I could when I was a student.

Have you ever played multiplayer mode in a Musou game?

Yes. But I don’t like it so much as its difficult to see the map very well and it gets confusing, sometimes I look at the other players screen by mistake (laughs).

Did you try Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce multiplayer?

Strikeforce is alot better in multiplayer.  But its very hard to get the people and equipment together – not everyone has a PSP!

Attending a Koei fan event like London Expo can be the best chance to play DW: Strikeforce multiplayer.

Have you played any of next-gen Musou games such DW6, Gundam or FNS?

Yes, I played them all. I love Fist of the North Star which did what the fans wanted, with the blood and gore.  Each character is different and the FNS story is very good.

Gundam I was a bit lost as I don’t know the story of it.

How do you think those games are different from the old games?

The universe is completely different going from the ancient times of Samurai and Dynasty Warriors to the end-of-the-world in FNS to the very futuristic worlds in Gundam but the gameplay is still the same ‘kill-them-all’ type.

Do you have any ideas for future Musou games?

They should not concentrate on the old characters.  Just make new ones and give them better story-lines – and make the whole thing better because Sengoku Basara is around now and it’s challenging.

They should  probably review the gameplay because its getting worse and worse.  In someways they should go back to the old ways – one weapon per character for example.  Who really needs DW7 weapon swap system,  they should instead improve each character’s moves.

Is Basara coming to shoot down Musou in the West?

Have you ever bought any merchandise connected to Musou?


Have you made any friends through the Musou community online?


How about in real life?

Yes, but its hard because some of the people aren’t in the same country.  One good thing is that that Koei Europe have expos and things where you can meet-up with people and see your friends in real-life.

If you could give a message to non-Musou fans about why they should try the game what would you say?

They should just try it…it’s like Marmite – you never know if you would like it or hate it unless you try it!

Is Musou the Marmite of Videogames?

If you could give a message to development team of Musou what you say?

Give up the crap, improve it in such a way that fans would be happy.

Who would you say is your all-time favourite Musou game character?

Nohime. It’s shame they don’t really exploit her story because it could be so good and not only overlapping Nobunga’s. For example she could follow him and then kill him!

Do people have similar personalities to their favourite Musou characters?

Which is you favourite Musou game and why?

Samurai Warriors 2. I think it arrived after DW5 and everything was better.  The character specification was better, all of the stories were better and there was much more interaction between characters.

Thanks Gischie!

Gischie with her beloved copy of SW2: Xtreme Legends, yes she is a difficult lady to photograph!

If you like to be interviewed for this feature then let me know !

Leady247 ^^


15 responses to “Musou to Me part 1 – The Gischie Interview

  1. The game I’ve played the most is Dynasty Warriors 4 🙂

  2. AND PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES I played it while I was in Malaysia for holidays last year (December 2010) for a month I played PLANTS vs. ZOMBIES for like whole holidays and they followed @tecmokoeieurope on Twitter!

  3. HAHAHA PvZ rules!

    I should interview for this feature Insp. Chin !

  4. :p Please interview Insp Chin, I bet that’s his secret dream!!!!

    Thanks for the interview Leady ^^, hope my opinion could help to improve games

  5. First for me was DW4, longest played would be SW2 also though . . . was/is a damn good game (^.^)

  6. :p GLP, thanks for your comment, think Leady should interview you as well!!!

  7. I should definately interview Insp. Chin and GLP when I see him. Both are famous Musou fans ^^

    • If you going by when you see me . . . you might be waiting perhaps a few years xD and thanks, but really dont think im all that ‘famous’ (^.^)

  8. I definitely agree with the newer games losing there appeal, well strikeforce and DW6, the charge system gave the games a subtle strategic combat style, with stuns and knock backs and stuff, DW6 repeating move sets was atrocious. looking forward to more of these, one of the best series’s around more should play 😀

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  10. musou is the marmite of video game.
    I’ll be honest I don’t like them, in fact I never played any of them.

    I’ve seen gameplay of them, and all it is are lots of enemies on screen surrounding the player and DOING NOTHING, you button bash your way doing the same sh*.

    I played Sengoku Basara 3 (I dislike Capcom) and I believe it’s meant to play like Musou series. So much enemies on screen, surrounding you and doing nothing while you still have the advantage.

    I just think the Omega 3 team do not put enough work on enemy A.I. Dynasty Strike Force (2) was recently released and already Dynasty Warrior 7 is announced. In the end it will be the same experience but with new characters. Just copy n paste man:/

    no offense:P

  11. The enemies in a Musou game aren’t really meant to be there to provide a threat they are more like RPG enemies just there for XP farming. It’s only really the officers/bosses and the management of troop movements on the maps that are there to provide any challenge.

    Check out some of my What makes a Musou? posts for more info. on my feeling about the Musou system.

    Thanks for commenting man, I really respect your opinions and like to read you thoughts as I have alot of your own blog and on the Tecmo forums ^^

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