Friday morning’s review of the last Saturday night’s beer – Leffe Triple

Time for one last belated beer blog of the year and it’s a great way to round things off : that most special of Leffes the ‘Leffe Triple’.

The Leffe Triple seal in all it's glory

As readers of my Leffe Neuf post will know, I was lucky enough to go to Brussels on business a few weeks back. At the end of the trip I managed to pick up a couple of Leffe variants not available in the UK and bring them safely home on the Eurostar.

The Leffe Triple will always have a special place in my heart as it was the last beer I drank on my first trip to Brussels with my girlfriend. We sat outside at a bar near the centre of the city and watched the South Korea vs Nigeria World Cup match with a few beers, a cheese plate and some pommes frites (yes, I have a very understanding and awesome gf!). It was a great afternoon.

Leffe Triple is another strong Belgian beer.  It has the most beautifuly thunderous burnished chestnut-red colouring out there. It always seems to pour with a perfect 1/2 inch head as well. Purrty!!

The back of the bottle reads:

‘Brewed in Belgium according to the traditional recipe of the monks of the Abbey of Leffe. Slightly cloudy through re-fermentation and aromatised with spices.’

(The fact that Leffe Triple has English wording on the back of the bottle whereas Leffe Neuf does not  suggests that we may see Triple imported officially to the UK in future?)

The ‘Triple’ in the title presumably refers to the bottle conditioned fermentation process. This is where the beer is re-seeded with yeast while in the bottle – allowing extra brewing of carbohydrates to alcohol (I may well be wrong or not-quite-right on this so if anyone knows better then let me know…).

Leffe Triple looking proper tasty !

Looking back on my notes on the taste from last weekend I noted the Triple had ‘great smell’ and a ‘metalic-edge’ to the taste whilst being both ‘bubbly, yeasty’ & ‘sharp’.

It maybe that I was pretty drunk at the point of writing this as I also noted that it ‘felt great, warms the blood’ and was ‘better than the Neuf’. My real recollection was that it as a delicious, thick ale that was pretty much prefect ^^.

Well that’s it for beer reviews for this year. It’s been emotional!

Next year, as well as the usual morning after reviews, I will be taking some advice from the Trappist Monks referenced in my last post and adding some cheese to the mix (I will draft in my girlfriends cheese tasting skills here). Lets find the best cheese and ale combos around in the UK!



3 responses to “Friday morning’s review of the last Saturday night’s beer – Leffe Triple

  1. Bloody good blogging sir! I’ll write you one for a quad-filtered one called La Trappe sometime!

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