Leady247 Gamer Interviews – Angry Birds HD with Gischie

Angry Birds, created by Finnish mobile gaming experts Rovio and published by EA owned Chilllingo, was the true breakout gaming success of last year. Selling more than 12million units via App Store alone it makes you shudder to think what the sales figures must be now the game has rolled out onto new platforms such as Android and even PSN Minis – the Angry Birds are conquering the world!

In case you’ve been really been out of it recently and don’t know what the game is all about here is a gameplay trailer:

With the benefit of hindsight it’s easy to see that Angry Birds had a magic recipe for success. Simple touch-screens controls coupled with easy-to-grasp and immensely satisfying physics-based gameplay combine to form a game that anyone can enjoy. If you know how a catapult works and have some basic understanding of the phyiscal properties of various materials you are well on your way to destroying some Piggy fortifications ^^

This easily-accessible core was bolstered by fantastic art design that brought an anger-fuelled spin to the cutesy, pastel puzzlers of the mobile gaming landscape. Players are given an arsenal of personality-stuffed, pissed-off looking birds – these birds mirror the frustrations of rat-race commuters everywhere and allow us to take cathartic revenge on the brood-raiding, over-fed pigs in ivory towers.

Music is also fantastically well-done with several of the jingles and squawks becoming part of British pop-culture.

If you want an understanding of the tone of Angry Birds check out this ‘Peace Treaty’ video (say whaaaat??, fuck off!!)

The game is also Crystalized – backing up the solid gameplay with online support that includes all the achievements, leader-boards and friends lists modern gamers demand.

My first experience with the Angry Birds came with Angry Birds HD an upgraded version of the orginal game for the iPad.

After a brief introduction to the controls my girlfriend Gischie quickly got addicted to the game and completed the five initial ‘worlds’ in around a month and a half.

To get an interview with Gischie on Angry Birds I had to beg and force her and it wasn’t until I managed to corner her on the train from Paris to Avignon that I managed to extract her thoughts:

How long have you been playing Angry Birds?

Your questions are always the same.  I can’t remember how long….let’s say around one month so far….

Were you aware that Angry Brids had been a massive hit before you started playing it?


How were you introduced to Angry Birds?

By WC.

Who’s WC?

The annoying creator of this blog.

So he bought it for you?

Yes, for his iPad. He only buys games to make me try them. Not to play himself.

Angry Birds HD gives players a great view of the stages using the iPad's expansive screen ^^

What did you think of the game the first time you played it?

To begin with I tried to understand the rules of the game and how to control each of the birds….for example there are ones that you can explode or ones that can be split into three.

Did you think the game was fun at first?

It wasn’t that fun while I was trying to learn about the gameplay.  Later it was good.  The story was interesting at first.

So was it the storyline or the gameplay that made you want to keep playing the game?

More the gameplay. The storyline isn’t that good – after a while I started to wonder….I mean, would some pigs steal the eggs of birds?

Pigs observing other Pigs in tiny UFOs. Only top conspiracy theorists would see this as cutting realism ^^

What did you find compelling about the gameplay?

Its very simple, just throwing the bird. The complicated and interesting part is working out the tactic to pass each level.

Did your interest in Angry Birds start to grow over time?

Yes, because I was discovering new and different types of birds.  The missions get more complicated, so you start having to get more dedicated and try and try again .

During the month since you started have you been playing a lot?

Yes, Angry Birds is the main game that I have been playing.

The yellow birds are the Theo Walcotts of Angry Birds.

How often do you play and how long per session?

I played every time I was at my boyfriend’s flat or when I was at his parents house and he had his iPad with him.  Sometimes I only had time to play for 5 minutes but if there was nothing else to do I could play between 30mins or 1hour per session.

What did you try to accomplish during each Angry Birds session?

Trying to complete the stages in order – but if I got stuck on one stage I went on to another category for a bit so I didn’t get too frustrated.

Did you get addicted to the game?

Of course.  I want to complete each stage and see the next one.  When I see a new stage I have to pass it as I am a stubborn person!

The Pigs like to erect more and more complex fortifications to defend themselves ^^

Did you try to get the 3-star rating on each stage?

Sometimes I tried, but mainly I just wanted to pass the stage quick as I could and see the next one.

Did you develop any feelings about the Birds themselves?

My favourite is the big red one because he can destroy a lot and he is so fat.

Gischie prefers the big-fat-red bird ^^

So did the birds have much personality to you?

Actually the pigs have more! Such as when you finish a level – they smile at you like you are a loser!

So did defeating the pigs give you extra motivation to try to complete the game?


Do you think Angry Birds has enough stages/levels?

There is a lot.  But I am looking forward to other stages being released. We got the Mighty Eagle pack at Xmas, that was something new.

So you haven’t had enough of Angry Birds yet?


What is it that keeps up coming back?

I enjoy finding more solutions. Solving the puzzle of each stage.

What did you think about the Mighty Eagle upgrade?

It’s just a way to skip a stage if you are really stuck.  I dont think it should be allowed.

Gischie wants the Mighty Eagle BANNED! ^^

Do you have any ideas for how to make Angry Birds even better?

I’d introduce a new type of bird or maybe some new types of pig.

Do you have a message you’d like to deliver to the developers?

Can you the make pigs less mean?

In what way?

Make them more smile-y and cute looking.

Why would you want the enemy to be cuter?

It would make it less frustrating when I can’t kill them!

Gischie - She likes Angry Birds and she's a Wenger fan - #bestgirlintheworld

That’s it for this week’s interview.  If you would like to be interviewed by Leady247 just let me know in the comments box ^^

Leady247 ^^


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  2. I’m sorry, but I’ve just spent the last 5 minutes giggling to myself about this bit!

    “How were you introduced to Angry Birds?
    By WC.

    Who’s WC?
    The annoying creator of this blog.”

    Genius. 😉

  3. lol, if you notice I did not manage to take a picture of Christine playing Angry Birds this is because she definitely would have hit me! She’s an awesome gamer tho ^^Next I will interview her on Sengoku Basara!

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