El Diablo – Cesc Fabregas

Everyone knows that that Arsenal skipper Cesc Fabregas is one of the most talented footballers on the planet. The attacking midfielder has almost super-natural abilities to pick and deliver passes not just into his teammate’s path but often right into their step with perfect weight, height and direction – witness Cesc’s pass for Van Persie’s second versus Wigan a week or so ago (you should be able to find it if you have a dig around here [do yourself a favour and subscribe to arseblog while you’re there])

But where does Cesc Fabregas’ divine skill come from? Maybe it truly is super-natural…

While celebrating his goal in Arsenal’s 3-0 Carling-Cup semi-final win over Ipswich I noticed Cesc give the Sign-of-the-Horns. This hand signal is often linked to so-called Satanic Cults and Secret Societies such as Skull and Bones.

Is Cesc channelling demonic forces directly into his feet?

Clearly Cesc is making this sign but could it be just a lucky sign in Spain (the Bull)? What is the meaning of his hand signal and where is it aimed?

After a little bit of Googling I found this article on LanguageTrainers.co.uk and I think it explains things….

The website names the hand signal as the ‘The Corna’ and tells us, and I quote:

‘Historically, however, the symbol basically means “cuckold” (or rather, “your wife is cheating on you”), and its origins are Mediterranean, possibly dating back to Ancient Greece. The corna is still popular in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Colombia, Brazil, Albania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and seems to be used most often to disagree with football referees…’

Given that Cesc was getting fouled relentlessly in the Ipswich game and the ref was offering nothing in the way of protection and even denied him a penalty the above quote most certainly explains the gesture….

…either that or he was trying to tell Arsene something about his wife?

Leady247 ^^


6 responses to “El Diablo – Cesc Fabregas

  1. Being part of the Rock fraternity as I was in my student days, there’s many things I’ve learned that hand gesture can stand for. With the thumb in the Sign of the Horned Goat (similar to the Wikipedia page you linked) was most common, with the thumb out your hand makes the sign of three sixes… I would explain how, but it’s a bit hard without drawing diagrams!

    Anyway, that was the first Arsenal match I;d watched in about five or six years, and my wife decided it would be a great idea to stand in front of the TV for the first goal! 😉

  2. Draw some diagrams man ^^

    Im always interested in this type of stuff !

  3. Phht!!! How much free time do you think I have?! I’m no artist mate, it would take me forever! This one’ll have to wait til next time we’re in the same vicinity!

  4. ok, sounds like a blog update waiting to happen!!

  5. ‘Historically, however, the symbol basically means “………….. The corna is still popular in ……… Greece, ………and seems to be used most often to disagree with football referees…’
    Not correct, in Greece we use the word “keratas” means the one with the horns and the hand signal we use is the V “victory” behind the unlucky husband’s head.
    He is definitely in league with Satan!
    why Arsenals logo couldn’t have only the canon? why did they have to put also the wheel? Is it a camouflaged pentagram!
    Yes Arsenal is a satanic cult and Fabregas was just curried away today by he’s demonic powers and revealed he’s true identity.
    I’m sure that if you go to the next match with a bucket of holy water and start chancing the players you’ll prove me right and all the Arsenal funs will buy you thousands of beers!

  6. lol brilliant, I love the idea of the Victory sign behind the unlucky husbands head hahaha ^^

    I’ll take some holy water to the next match then !

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