Arsenal 2 – 1 FC Barcelona

This is the shortest blog post I will ever write but I just wanted to say:

The fact that Bendtner is in it makes it even better ^^

We are the Arsenal and we are coming for you rude boy!!

Leady 247 ^^

The Arsenal 2- Barca 1


4 responses to “Arsenal 2 – 1 FC Barcelona

  1. I watched most of this last night (aside from a quick nappy change!) and it was quite an entertaining match. No idea what’s going on in the Champions League though… was that the start of the finals or something?

  2. it’s the first of the knock out rounds. We still have to go the Camp Nou and get a result which will be very tough. I am sorry happy though. That’s the second ‘big’ team we have beaten at the Emirates this season ^^

  3. So… Aresenal knocked-out Barcelona? Not bad going!

    Also, I feel I should clarify my previous comment. It was not me having the nappy change, but me performing the nappy change! I only wear nappy’s on ‘special’ weekends…

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