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Leady’s Friday Night Cocktails – Costcjito

Welcome to a new section of the blog ^^.

Apart from beer I am a great fan of home made cocktails although I am certainly not an expert in making them. I would say I am an enthusiastic amateur.

I thought I would blog a few of my simple recipes for you to try out.  My cocktails tend to major on being as alcoholic as possible and usually quite sour.  Thanks to my girlfriend to always being my guinea pig to test the recipes.

History of the Costcjito

The history of the Costcjito is that in the UK there have been many tantalizing and thirst inducing Bacardi Mojito adverts on tv like this one:

These tvs ads have been backed up by many posters at supermarkets showing pure and delicious looking mojitos that make it impossible not to want one.

One Friday night about a year ago I decided to try and make a mojito for my girlfriend and I. As I could not be bothered to drive all the way to Tesco I got all the ingredients I thought I would need from my favourite shop in the world – our local Costcutter. This is why I called the drink a ‘Costcjito’.

Over the months I have perfected the recipe  and will blog it here so you can give it a go yourself.


(the final Costcjito is extremely lime, ‘citrus-y’ and alcoholic rather than minty and brown sugary as a regular mojito should be).

How to make a Costcjito yourself:

What you need (to make about 4 Costcjitos):

  1. Bottle of Bacardi
  2. Bottle of Schwepps Soda Water or other sparking water (or lemonade if you can’t take the sourness).
  3. 4-6 Limes (depending on how sour you want it)
  4. 2 Lemons
  5. Some brown sugar
  6. Some mint (you don’t need that much but for some reason my local Costcutters only sells it in huge bunches -_-)
  7. Ice cubes

6 Limes, 2 Lemons & a bunch of mint from Costcutter

Once you have got the ingredients the first thing you want to do is prepare the lime, lemon and mint mixture.

I use a hand juicer.  Slice 2 lemons in half and juice the shit out of them.  Then add a tea spoon of brown sugar to the juice.

After that slice 3 or 4 limes in half then juice those as well. Slice on of your other limes into thin slices (you can add these to the glass at the end to make it look pretty and fresh).

This is what's left of the juiced up limes.

Then get your mint and cut up a few of the leaves into small strips.  Usually we do a small plate of these but it’s sometimes too much.  Take a pinch 0r two of your mint strips and add it to the lemon and lime juice mix.  Add a little more brown sugar.

The juice mix is ace and smells so good ^^

Put your juice into the fridge.

Now it’s time to start preparing the glass. First you need to crush the ice.  My girlfriend showed me a great method to do this if you don’t have a an ice crusher (I don’t).  Empty some ice cubes into a tea towel, then bunch the tea towel up into a sort of mace-type weapon with the ice in one end.  Then smash the ice on a hard surface a few times (I use the side of our kitchen unit for this).

After some serious banging (!) open out the towel and the ice inside will be nicely crushed.

This is how the smashed ice will look when you unfold the tea towel.

Now time to put the Costcjito together:

First add the crushed ice (about a quarter of a glass). Then add a good slug of Bacardi to give the drink a decent hit.  Then add some of your juice mixture.  The glass should be about three quarters full at this stage. Add two slices of lime.

Then top the whole thing up with the Soda Water.

Mix the whole thing around with a chop-stick (or I suppose some other type of mixing implement if you are a pro).

So you should now have a loverly, citrusy, frosty and refeshing Costcjito ready for drinking. Also you will have enough juice mixture left for another few as the evening unfolds.

My friend Ols with the finished article. Looks great right ^^

Let me know if you tried making one or have any good recipes (that are easy to make!) for me ^^