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Arsenal 2 – 1 FC Barcelona

This is the shortest blog post I will ever write but I just wanted to say:

The fact that Bendtner is in it makes it even better ^^

We are the Arsenal and we are coming for you rude boy!!

Leady 247 ^^

The Arsenal 2- Barca 1


Leady247 – January Round-Up

Yes! And we have made it through the worst month of the of year! Good riddance January.

It’s been an interesting month on the gaming front with the Nintendo 3DS going up against the SONY’s NGP in the battle of the ‘dedicated videogame’ handhelds.

Personally, I found the announcement of the Playstation Suite for Android to be the most exciting development – SONY has realised that the next generation of videogames is platform antagonistic and about services and content. This is a big step for an electronics and hardware company.

For me this was the biggest news of January...

On the blogging front I was a little frustrated, a generally manic January schedule cut into my blogging time and meant I could not get out the What Makes a Musou? part 3 which is floating around in my head. If I had managed to launch that article I would have comfortably beaten my December ’10 traffic – in failing to do so I have to be content with stability -_-.

On the Beer front January was definately a Leffe month as I caught up on all my Xmas drinking:

Leffe Radieuse
Leffe Leffe Bière de Noël (and my new glass)
Leffe Blonde (canned version)

Leffe's all round this month. 'Promise to switch it up for Feb.

The thing I am most happy with in Januray blog-wise is the start of two new categories: Star Wars & the mighty Arsenal. Both sections only have one post right now but I will try and develop those over the coming months.

I hope to bring you more of this stuff soon...

On the videogames side I continued my coverage of Warriors: Legends of Troy with a look at the item & upgrade system. This game is starting to take shape now – hopefully we will have some more information released in February. For now you can check out the official site here. Which brings us too…

My favourite two posts of the month which were my gamer interviews: I managed to trap Gischie on the train to Avignon for her thoughts on Angry Birds HD and Insp. Chin in Subway for his thoughts on Plants vs Zombies.

Let's do lots of this in Feb ^^

That’s it for January. The shittest month of the year is over and in Feb I’ll be moving in with my beloved ^^. It’s all downhill from here people ^^

Leady 247 ^^

El Diablo – Cesc Fabregas

Everyone knows that that Arsenal skipper Cesc Fabregas is one of the most talented footballers on the planet. The attacking midfielder has almost super-natural abilities to pick and deliver passes not just into his teammate’s path but often right into their step with perfect weight, height and direction – witness Cesc’s pass for Van Persie’s second versus Wigan a week or so ago (you should be able to find it if you have a dig around here [do yourself a favour and subscribe to arseblog while you’re there])

But where does Cesc Fabregas’ divine skill come from? Maybe it truly is super-natural…

While celebrating his goal in Arsenal’s 3-0 Carling-Cup semi-final win over Ipswich I noticed Cesc give the Sign-of-the-Horns. This hand signal is often linked to so-called Satanic Cults and Secret Societies such as Skull and Bones.

Is Cesc channelling demonic forces directly into his feet?

Clearly Cesc is making this sign but could it be just a lucky sign in Spain (the Bull)? What is the meaning of his hand signal and where is it aimed?

After a little bit of Googling I found this article on and I think it explains things….

The website names the hand signal as the ‘The Corna’ and tells us, and I quote:

‘Historically, however, the symbol basically means “cuckold” (or rather, “your wife is cheating on you”), and its origins are Mediterranean, possibly dating back to Ancient Greece. The corna is still popular in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Colombia, Brazil, Albania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and seems to be used most often to disagree with football referees…’

Given that Cesc was getting fouled relentlessly in the Ipswich game and the ref was offering nothing in the way of protection and even denied him a penalty the above quote most certainly explains the gesture….

…either that or he was trying to tell Arsene something about his wife?

Leady247 ^^